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Gaslands X-mas battle 2018

A few weeks ago the traditional annual X-mas battle was played at our local gaming club. This year it would be a Gaslands game filled with snow, festive mayhem and gasoline driven monsters with bells on. My good friend Matthijs…
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The Lord of the Strategy – chapter VII – The fields of Strategy 2018

Last Sunday I packed up my finished Haradrim army and lots of scenery and such to help Coen build some more nice gaming tables and headed towards Dordrecht for Strategy 2018. This 9th edition of the tournament was attended by…
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The Lord of the Strategy – chapter V – The Taming of the Haradrim

In the ongoing quest in my race against time and I have made some more progress. My Haradrim force is now nearly complete. All that is left to paint are the 6 mounted Raiders and Suladân himself. Here is the…
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