battle report

The Lord of the Strategy – chapter VII – The fields of Strategy 2018

Last Sunday I packed up my finished Haradrim army and lots of scenery and such to help Coen build some more nice gaming tables and headed towards Dordrecht for Strategy 2018. This 9th edition of the tournament was attended by…
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The Lord of the Strategy – chapter II – A Shortcut to Defeat

Last week I managed to finish the Watchers of Karna. I would call it progress, but seeing what still needs to be done I might get a bit disheartened still. I am quite satisfied with the result though and hope…
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Shadow war Necromunda

Yesterday I played my first Shadow war Armageddon game. I made a Tallarn gang using the Astra Militarum list. I knew my opponent would bring orks and knowing their toughness in normal 40k I thought it would be nice to…
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