Tallarn – HQ

The HQ section:

  • Commander Al’Rahem and some veteran troopers form the company command unit. One has a vox caster and one holds the company banner. A heavy weapon team (missile launcher) can be taken in stead of the regular troopers. (painted)
  • Primaris Psycker. (painted)
  • Master of Ordnance.
  • Astropath.
  • Techpriest Enginseer.

Company Command Unit

Company command squad AlRahem front AlRahem back CC banner CC vox caster front CC vox caster back

The commander – Al’Rahem, the company banner, and the vox caster. The banner is a conversion using a plastic banner found in the bits box and a metal rod. The sword was cut from the hand and a hole drilled to fit the metal rod. The vox caster is a simple conversion using a backpack with vox from a boxed set of Imperial Guard. The back of the trooper needed some removal of pieces of gear to accommodate the backpack.


Primaris Psycker

Primaris Psycker front Primaris Psycker back


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