Tallarn – Elites

These are the Elite forces I can field:

  • Sniper squad. (painted)
  • Storm Trooper Squad consisting of a sergeant and 6 troopers (1 with a vox caster, 1 with a flamer and 1 with a plasma gun). (painted)


Sniper Squad

Snipers front Snipers back


These are the 3 Forgeworld Tallarn sniper models.

Storm Trooper Squad

Stormtroopers A Stormtroopers B Stormtroopers C Stormtroopers D Stormtroopers E Stormtroopers F



  1. Hosting

    A Desert Raiders’ officer like that depicted above bears the cloth badges of his regiment on his upper left arm. “Tallarn 17” is a common shoulder strip sewn onto all the men’s smocks in the 17

    1. Patrick (Post author)

      Hi there, I know most people put bedges and number markings on their infantry smocks and tanks and such. I decided not to do that. All normal sergeants, luitenants and officers have a different color sash around their waist, but that’s it. And no vehicle has any markings. The stormtrooper sergeant as seen above also has no distinct markings. These troopers operate deep behind enemy lines and risk capture. They do not want their captors to easily spot their squad leader.


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