GW’s ‘big’ announcement

Phew, it’s been a very long time since I wrote something on this blog. I have been extremely busy with the development of the Witchin’ Hour game. This takes up practically all my hobby time. (I am looking forward to paint something other then witches and hunters I must admit.)

But yesterday there was some big announcement from Games Workshop. They are planning to bring back the old Warhammer World!
As could be expected, reactions on several social media were various. Some people rejoiced beyond belief while others condemned GW for their arrogance.

What did GW actually promise in their announcement? Not a lot actually. It tells us that there is a team working on the concept of the Old World. So far they have made a logo and nothing more. There are hints that the Old World is to Age of Sigmar what the Horus Heresy is to Warhamer 40K, which might imply that they are working on a game, but nothing is certain. The only thing that is certain is that it will take a long time before something can be expected. Three or more years actually.

The new logo. Be sure to check the nice detail in the letters themselves.

For me, this announcement feels like standard Games Workshop tactics.
First they take something away. Only to bring it back years later whilst shouting that they are so excited to bring us all something new and that we should be so grateful to them for giving us this cool stuff (which they took away first, remember?).
Secondly, they do not want to say they did a big f*#k up when they destroyed the Old World lore and angered a lot of fans. All the while promoting the new game of Age of Sigmar, which did not do as well as it should have. But instead they claim that Age of Sigmar “has become, by far, the most successful fantasy game ever.” A bold statement to underline that such a successful game should get a new game or background, and again, we should be forever grateful for the fact the GW is granting us this boon.
I do not have all the numbers off course and I know that Age of Sigmar does well in certain countries and is virtually non-existent in others, but I can not shake the feeling that AoS is not the most successful fantasy game ever. I might be living in one of those countries where it did not became successful, but from what I can see and read it is as much hated as loved as a game. (I still remember GW being present at the Crisis show in Antwerp a couple of years ago. They had a big flashy stall to promote Age of Sigmar which was mostly devoid of customers during the day. All it lacked was the sound of crickets actually.)

I do understand it though. It is never a good call for a big company such as GW to say you have made an error. Not only does it show that you, as a company, do not see your product as a succes (which will cause people who buy and play the game second guess what they are doing), but it will also do nothing to stop the fans from complaining on the web. They will always find a way to be displeased (myself included) with Games Workshop. They would just focus on the fact they have been right all this time for hating AoS and then complain about how badly GW will bring back the Old World and still ruin the setting they loved so much.

All in all, I am not sure how I feel about this. I have no interest in AoS (both the game and the miniatures accompanying it are not to my liking) and still have all the old Warhammer rulebooks and several armies in my possession. The Old World is not dead in this house. The only thing that might be of interest to me is that they release some more lore that might appeal to me. Even the prospect of new models of old time favorite characters is not working because I do not like the style of design they have for the last couple of years.
I also expect prices to be sky high, also in good old-fashioned GW style. This, amongst other reasons, also prevented me from getting into the new Necromunda game. If anything, it will only make me feel very blessed with the fact that I own the classic game and the full range of miniatures. It will keep me from getting frustrated over needing to buy lots of expansions and new versions of the rules in a short period of time to fully appreciate the game.

Still, I will follow news as it comes. For all I know GW might actually shock me to my crusty old grumpy core and release some nice things in this new ‘old’ setting. If so, all hail to the kings and fingers crossed I do not have to sell another kidney to be able to afford it.
Speaking of kings… I must say Mantic games were quick to respond to the GW announcement. It made me laugh. Sorry GW.

The video was subtitled: “We don’t blow up worlds. We build them…”


  1. Richard DeYoung

    Just a reminder, Game Workshop’s announcement for a new Warhammer Fantasy game without any details. Remember this ////

    In 2014, GW embarked on a 6 month event of marketing hundreds of dollars worth of books to players that would only end in their game being discontinued.

    In 2015, GW discontinued WHFB and ordered all rules be pulled from shelves immediately upon announcement. Only to replace it with a game that was totally different. They promised that you could use all of your models and wouldn’t need to modify them.

    by 2016, GW purged armies from their games and shelves making many collections unusable in regular games and most game organizers started requiring all models use round bases. Both things broken promises on GW’s part.

    By the end of 2016, the WHFB community was fractured in many different directions by GW’s actions. Many people playing KoW, 9th Age, AoS and sticking with WHFB.

    In 2017, GW started telling TO, including Adepticon, the biggest event in the US, that they had to drop support of 9th Age in order to get any kind of support by GW. Leading many events to drop 9th Age without any explanation, or shoddy ones. Once again, severely fracturing the community. This is the first time that GW intentionally and maliciously tries to ruin communities of gamers directly, rather than just by making decisions about their own products.

    By 2018, communities of KoW and 9th Age were putting on dozens of events in the US that were as big as WHFB events of yesteryear.

    In 2019, a couple weeks after a new edition of KoW was released of amazing quality and receptions, GW announced that they were making some kind of new WHFB edition, without any details, in 3 years time. Because they had not started even designing it yet. They literally made the decision and announced it right away in a very un-GW fashion. Why did they do this? To stem the tide of more people picking up KoW for the new edition to wait for a WHFB game they know nothing about. AGAIN, attempting to hurt communities of gamers and protentional customers for their own end.

    This is truly an crappy company that cares not for gamers…

    1. Scott

      you`re not wrong, but it goes back way, way before 2014.


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