Other Miniatures

Here are some pictures of models other than Tallarn I painted.

First is Elspeth von Draken on her Carmine Dragon. A model from the Forgeworld range that I like very much for it’s pose and nice details. Since it came out I wanted to paint this one.

Elspeth finished 1 Elspeth finished 2 Elspeth finished 3 Elspeth finished 4 Elspeth finished 5 Elspeth finished 6 Elspeth finished 7 Elspeth finished 8 Elspeth finished 9

These are converted Skaven so they would fit in the 40K universe/game.

40Skaven command group1 40Skaven command group2 40Skaven command group3 40Skaven command group4 40Skaven command group5 40Skaven tank 1 40Skaven tank 2

My version of Ahriman of the Thousand Sons. The plinth is made from scratch.

Ahriman A Ahriman B

A unit of Dark Elf Cold One Riders.

Dark Elf Cold One Riders 1 Dark Elf Cold One Riders 2 Dark Elf Cold One Riders 3 Dark Elf Cold One Riders 4

Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror.

Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror B




  1. Annejet

    Ziet er goed uit schat!

  2. De Coen

    Behalve dat Smaug mooier is 😛 , vind ik hem briljant geschilderd, Patrick. Juweeltje…

  3. Remco

    vette site ouwe!


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