Tallarn – Heavy Support

The heavy support choices:

  • Leman Russ Squadron, consisting of a Vanquisher, standard Battle Tank and an Eridicator. (painted)
  • 1 Hydra Flak Tank.
  • Ordnance Battery, consisting of 3 Basilisks. (1 painted)

Leman Russ Squadron

Leman Russ A1 Leman Russ A2 Leman Russ A3 Leman Russ A4 Leman Russ A5 Leman Russ A6

This is the standard battle tank. I added some improved comms from Forgeworld and the Forgeworld Tallarn Tank Commander. On the back is an ammo crate and an old GW guardsmen model that fits perfectly on tanks. I painted some loose tank crew models just to add some more flavor.

Leman Russ B1 Leman Russ B2 Leman Russ B3Leman Russ B4 Leman Russ B5Leman Russ B6

The Vanquisher variant. I added some chain at the front and an Imperial Eagle (there is one on all three of the tanks). The back and side of the turret has been given some extra packs and an antenna made from wire. On the back is another old guardsmen model for placement on tanks and I added an old GW tank crew model in the turret.

Leman Russ C1 Leman Russ C2 Leman Russ C3 Leman Russ C4

And the Eridicator model. The sponsons are magnetized. Some small add ons can be found in the form of extra packs and antenna on the turret.

Basilisk 1

Basilisk A2 Basilisk A1

Basilisk A3 Basilisk A4 Basilisk A5 Basilisk A6 Basilisk A7 Basilisk A8



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