Tallarn – Fast Attack

In the Fast Attack section I will have the following options to choose from:

  • Scout Sentinel squadron, consisting of 3 sentinels.
  • Mukaali Rough Rider squad, consisting of a sergeant and 4 rough riders. (painted)
  • 5 Rough Rider squads on horses, each consisting of a sergeant and 4 rough riders.
  • Hellhound squadron, consisting of 3 Hellhounds.
  • 1 Valkyrie. (painted)
  • 1 Taurus Venator. (painted)
  • 1 Valkyrie Sky Talon.
  • 1 Arvus Lighter.


Mukaali Rough Rider Squad

Mukaali 6 Mukaali 5 Mukaali 4 Mukaali 3 Mukaali 2 Mukaali 1


ESM2014-207  Valkyrie 4 Valkyrie 3 Valkyrie 2 Valkyrie 1 Valkyrie pilotsInterior 4 Interior 3 Interior 2 Interior 1 Boltercrew Boltercrew closeup

I painted the interior first and added some backpacks hanging on one of the walls. The bolter crew has been given Tallarn heads.

Taurus Venator

Taurus Venator 8Taurus Venator 7CrewWIP

The crew of the Taurus has been given Tallarn heads.In this case these are from the MaxiMini range (Desert dweller heads). The underside of the vehicle has been given some extra care since it will also be hanging in the Valkyrie Sky Talon eventually and you will have a clear sight of that part of the model.





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  1. Arjan

    I think your Mukaali rough riders have a really cool paint job. I love the blend of blue to turqoise. I’ve got a weak spot for cavalry on creatures other than horses anyway (like kroot knarloc riders or space wolf thunderwolf cavalry) and these guys are awesome. They look like they feel at home in the desert in harsh conditions with the gear they’ve got with them.


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