Lost battles of 2018

During 2018 I played several games. I took pictures of most of them in order to write a little blog post about them. But these good intentions don’t always get a follow up and as a result I have found several sets of pictures from games I played that were still on my camera, neglected and crying. So I decided to just post them in one go since I do not have a detailed memory about these battles. I assume I lost all of them (since that is my habit).

The first one is an introduction game to the rules of Rogue Stars (Osprey Publishing). This is a sci-fi setting skirmish game and has the advantage that you can use a lot of your existing collection of futuristic models to create a gang of warriors. In this game Jan Willem walked me through the rules while we were trying to gain access to a flying contraption at the far end of the table. I used some of my Tallarn models for this game. Last month I bought the rulebook (it was on sale, always a good excuse) so perhaps you can expect some more posts about this game in the future.


I also found some pictures of a game of Necromunda (the classic version) I played with my daughter here at home. We used Escher and Ratskins. I have no idea who won, or that we even finished the game at all. But I do recall we had a good time.


And finally there were some shots from a game of 40K I played at the BOD club. My Tallarn versus some Tyranid nasties. I looks like a fight over objectives. I am sure my desert troops valiantly lost their lives to the foul xenos.


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