Parading Project Dark Elves Army

I am fully committed to Project Dark Elves Army now. One of the things I like about this hobby is to see a nice big army on a gaming table. Since the army is not painted yet I just have to make do I guess. I decided to put the army together (sort of) in order to get a feel at how large it could be and what parts of it I will be focussing on first.

As far as I can tell these are all the Dark Elves models I have laying around here. The army will eventually consist of the following:

  • Malakith on dragon (Middlehammer model)
  • Morathi on Dark Pegasus
  • Cauldron of Blood (Middlehammer model)
  • unit of 12 With Elves
  • General on Cold One
  • 6 Dark Riders
  • Dark Sorceress/Prietsess
  • 1 Hydra
  • unit of 20 Spearmen
  • unit of 20 Crossbowmen
  • unit 15 Corsairs
  • 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers
  • unit of 12 Black Guard
  • unit of 15 Executioners
  • unit of 10 Shades
  • Hero on Cold One
  • 2 units of 5 Cold One Riders
  • unit of 10 harpies (including Raging Heroes hero model)
  • unit of 6 Raging Heroes Draakh Riders
  • Raging Heroes Draakh Rider hero
  • 6 Raging Heroes Dark Elves Hero/Sorceress/Priestess models

All in all a nice army I think. (And I do know for certain I have a Dark Elves Dogs of War unit here somewhere… )

In the meantime I have based and base coated a unit of 20 Spearmen and a Sorceress.


And I am working on cleaning and glueing the shields for the Spearman.

I think I will try to base and base coat several units and then start painting them by unit. Once a unit is finished I will treat myself to painting a single character or something. I hope this will ensure that I can keep my mind on this project long enough to actually finish it.


  1. Anton Boot

    base ze voor Kings of War 🙂 daar heten ze twilight Kin 🙂

  2. Alex van Leijden

    Lekker bezig met je Dark Elves Patrick! Goed om te zien dat de dark elves ddie je van me hebt overgenomen goed worden gebruikt!

    1. Patrick (Post author)

      Zekers, ze maken de boel helemaal compleet.
      Maar ik ben ondertussen weer met een ander project bezig. De Dark Elves zullen dus toch even moeten wachten (hier en daar tussendoor wel aandacht krijgen hoor).


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