Parading Project Dark Elves Army

I am fully committed to Project Dark Elves Army now. One of the things I like about this hobby is to see a nice big army on a gaming table. Since the army is not painted yet I just have to make do I guess. I decided to put the army together (sort of) in order to get a feel at how large it could be and what parts of it I will be focussing on first.

As far as I can tell these are all the Dark Elves models I have laying around here. The army will eventually consist of the following:

  • Malakith on dragon (Middlehammer model)
  • Morathi on Dark Pegasus
  • Cauldron of Blood (Middlehammer model)
  • unit of 12 With Elves
  • General on Cold One
  • 6 Dark Riders
  • Dark Sorceress/Prietsess
  • 1 Hydra
  • unit of 20 Spearmen
  • unit of 20 Crossbowmen
  • unit 15 Corsairs
  • 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers
  • unit of 12 Black Guard
  • unit of 15 Executioners
  • unit of 10 Shades
  • Hero on Cold One
  • 2 units of 5 Cold One Riders
  • unit of 10 harpies (including Raging Heroes hero model)
  • unit of 6 Raging Heroes Draakh Riders
  • Raging Heroes Draakh Rider hero
  • 6 Raging Heroes Dark Elves Hero/Sorceress/Priestess models

All in all a nice army I think. (And I do know for certain I have a Dark Elves Dogs of War unit here somewhere… )

In the meantime I have based and base coated a unit of 20 Spearmen and a Sorceress.


And I am working on cleaning and glueing the shields for the Spearman.

I think I will try to base and base coat several units and then start painting them by unit. Once a unit is finished I will treat myself to painting a single character or something. I hope this will ensure that I can keep my mind on this project long enough to actually finish it.

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  1. Anton Boot

    base ze voor Kings of War 🙂 daar heten ze twilight Kin 🙂


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