The Lord of the Strategy – chapter IV – Confidence Goes South

Oh no! Just about one month to go, and my confidence of getting this army painted is going south (much faster that the Ring did). I did manage to finish the four Warriors of Karnâ and am pleased with the…
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The Lord of the Strategy – chapter III – Many Cleanings

Since my defeat last Friday I have been thinking about changing tactics and army composition. One of the things I dismissed when I first started thinking of painting this army was patching up this second-hand Ringwraith on Fellbeast and convert…
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The Lord of the Strategy – chapter I – Concerning Haradrim

About a month ago I decided to finally participate in the Strategy annual tournament this year. Strategy is a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tournament held each year by a good friend of mine. This year would be the ninth time he…
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