Welcome to my Tallarn site

Hello, and welcome to the Desert Scorpions. This website is dedicated to my Tallarn miniatures army (and other painted miniatures).

First off I would like to show some pictures of the army as it is right now (februari 2015). I have painted the army so that it is a legal army on the gaming table plus a few extra’s. In the end it should be a lot bigger, but I will steadily paint new things when I can find the time.

In the general info section you can find a list of what I already have purchased for this army (and between brackets those units that are already painted). It will clearly show that I still have a lot to paint.

20150207_103849 20150207_103835

This is the army so far. A command unit, a platoon command unit with two squads, a veteran unit, one Chimeara, 3 Leman Russ variants, 3 snipers, 5 Mukaali Rough Riders, a Valkyrie and a Taurus Venator.

20150207_104010 20150207_104116

The 3 snipers (Forgeworld models) and also from Forgeworld: 5 Mukaali Rough Riders.

20150207_103951 20150207_103910

A closeup of the Valkyrie and the latest addition, the Taurus Venator.

20150207_104054 20150207_104324 20150207_104236 20150207_104028

More closeup pictures of these models will be added to the various sections (HQ, Troops, Fast Attack, Heavy etc.)


That’s it for now. I will gradually fill this site with more pictures and posts concerning painting and collecting this army.








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