Collision Kickstarter review

About two weeks ago I received a package containing my pledge from the Collision Kickstarter. In case you have missed it; Collision is a skirmish miniature game by Code Orange Games, a Dutch company. This is their first release and it is stunning I might say. (The fact that I designed the rulebook and the layout for the Power Cards has nothing to do with this opinion.)

The rulebook comes as a digital pdf only. I for one prefer a real copy, but I understand the choice. For now it is a living rulebook but maybe one day it will be turned in a hard copy. So what did you get when you pledged? It depends on the pledge level of course, but the core consisted of two gangs of miniatures (5 models per gang) including the character stat cards and item cards. Then there were the Power Cards, additional item cards, Face off mats, an extra gang of five models, several acrylic tokens and event only models. I opted for… well… the whole shebang actually.

As you can see this was a nice box full of goodies. And the quality is very good. Let’s start with the face off mat. Every player uses this to place cards and tokens etc. during the game. It is printed on thick mousepad stuff, which makes it very sturdy and you can roll it without damaging the thing. The print quality is excellent.


One of the things that makes this game interesting is the lack of dice. You use Power Cards instead. Each player has one deck of Power Cards. These cards have a good printing quality and are made of thick card. Each deck has some extra reference cards (game turn and face off summary). The item cards are smaller but of the same quality. The layout and design is consistent and modern (no, I did not do the design for all the cards, just the Power cards).


Next are several acrylic game effect tokens and activation tokens. Each faction has it’s own design on the activation tokens.


Each faction is also supplied with the necessary character stat cards and item cards. The event only models also come with the appropriate cards.


On to the models themselves. These are made of resin, but a very soft kind of resin. The details are very crisp and I love the dynamic poses. My favorite faction so far are the Nyx, fierce women who look like they can kick some serious ass. Most models come as multipart and need some simple assembling.


Some weapons are incredibly thin and delicate, but because of the soft resin they are very flexible and can bend extremely well without breaking. Bend items are easily put back into their natural shape without the use of hot water or any such tricks.


So far I could only find some time to assemble the Nyx. But they look very nice as a group.


I feel that this Kickstarter has given me great value for my money and I hope to start playing the game very soon. This will mean I have to find the time to paint the models and put together some appropriate scenery, but heck, I am not retired yet, so one day…


If you are interested in the game you can find more information in a previous piece I wrote ,on their website or their Facebook page



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