Preparing for BOD Big Battle Day

The BOD Big Battle Day is rapidly getting closer and preparations have to be made for our big pirate game Matthijs and me will host there. We have made some very big promises to the participants about the size of the table and quantity of scenery and such. Now I am hobbling the snot out of myself to get this all finished in time.

The table we will be using will be roughly along the lines of this sketch.

As you can see from the dimensions this is quite a big table. Several things are finished because we can re-use scenery and such from previous games. But there is still a lot more to be done. And as I might have mentioned in a previous post, I do not have a lot of free time on my hand due to work and family.

So far the parts of the table I am working on are based around the island I made for a previous game.

The layout will be altered and I want to add several houses to make it an island full of pirates. A sort of Tortuga if you will. I have bought several buildings from Tabletop World. Beautifully sculpted and detailed models, but a lot of work to paint. So far I have just started work on the smallest house while the others are only base coated black.


I need several small boats bobbing around the islands so the players have a change to move around while trying to solve problems in order to gain victory points. I have painted a few. Some are still to be done. A pirate den also needs… well… pirates I guess. So I am painting extra models I bought at Crisis last year. Some of these models will be key figures in the scenarios for victory points, so I am concentrating on these first.


One of the island sections need to be hightened so that the bridges between them will not be to steep. This part will need to be made. And if possible I will make some more island parts and docking opportunities.

Fortunately I also have some things done. I have my own crew, which will also be involved in a scenario, and several things as cannons, tables and other pieces of small scenery.


And last week I finished some extra palm tree stands. I think we will have enough of these for now.


The island Matthijs is working on will also largely be made out of scenery he made for previous games. We will re-use his island parts and swamp scenery.


The main island will have some extra sections added to enlarge it. There will be a fort overlooking the bay. For this island we will borrow houses and models from another player.

There will also be a cannibal island. The primitive huts Matthijs used in a previous scenario will be used on this island along with borrowed models. If we have the space we can also add some of the ruins I once made for a step-by-step- article.

So, wish us luck while we try to find precious time to finish this project in time.



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