Guilliman – fun or spoilsport?

Well, then. Roboute Guilliman’s rules have surfaced on the net a few days ago. And a (gathering) storm of response followed in it’s wake.

There were the anti-Ultramarines posts, people who just hate the blue Space Marines. The nicknames ‘spacesmurfs’ and ‘Rowboat Girlyman’ surfaced a lot. I will not straight out condemn these people for I have a similar hatred for Space Wolves. But in a way these responses are a bit over the top. After all, it is a fictional background for a miniatures game and nothing more.

Aside from these reactions were the opinions of the rules for this Primarch. He is a ‘demigod’ according to the background, and as such the rules for the model are powerful. But are they to powerful for him to be a nice addition to a game? Or will he just unbalance the whole thing because of these super powers?

His characteristics are high but that was to be expected.

He has a list of special powers; adamantium will, Ultramarines chapter tactics, eternal warrior, fearless, feel no pain, fleet, precision shots, precision strikes and preferred enemy Chaos. Quite impressive in itself. If I could only have lists like that for my Tallarn… But he is a Primarch and as such you would expect him to have more special powers than an average character. But this is not all.

He is also lord commander of the imperium. This gives all friendly units re-rolls on failed morale-, fear- and pinning tests. His unyielding will makes sure he can get no negative modifiers on his leadership and re-rolls on deny the witch tests and on top of that he has all the command traits to be found in the rulebook. Combined with his armor (3+ invulnerable save and a chance to come back after he has been slain) and weapons with strength 10 and AP 1, the chance to become a D-weapon and the power to attack a lot of models at the same time in close combat it makes for a very powerful model on the table. He is very difficult to kill and can inflict massive damage.

What most people complain about is the points cost for all this power; 350 points seems to be on the low side. It was also my first reaction.

Feedback on the rules went back and forth in a frantic pace here and there. As a response to all the complaints people have stated that he has negative aspects as well. The fact that he is a monstrous creature and can not join units or embark on transports. He is therefore condemned to walk around on his own and has only the 6 inch movement on foot. For him to become effective in close combat he first needs to traverse the distance and takes him several turns. The trick would be to bring enough firepower so that you can kill him from a distance, before he reaches your lines. But apart form that he has no real drawbacks as far as I can see. This would still mean that 350 points is a bargain in my opinion. I think we will have to wait for battle reports were Roboute walks the table and see what the reactions from the players from both sides will be. I personally think I would not enjoy a game were my opponent brings him to the field. Perhaps I am wrong and it just takes a bit of careful planning to remove him from the game. But even then it will not be the sort of game I like to play I’m afraid.

The model itself is large, but that is no surprise since Games Workshop’s policy for miniatures seems to be ‘the bigger the better’ lately. The rest is a matter of taste. I have heard people who told me they would just buy him to paint him. They love the model and all the details. I, on the other hand, am no fan of all this ostentatious details and ornaments on miniatures. To me Guilliman will always be the statesman as we encounter him in the Horus Heresy novels. Noble bearing, competent general and warrior of great skill. But still ‘humble’ in posture. The new 40K model does not strike me as such a character. He seems to have awoken with a bad temper and stands as if he wants to destroy all he sees. His posture does not work for me unfortunately. In that respect I much more prefer the 30K version from ForgeWorld.

There is a lot of talk online about this latest release, but if you want to drop a line with your ideas or opinions feel free.


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